4 Traits of Highly Successful Case Acceptance

Dental checkThere are numerous factors that go into a high level of case acceptance. And if we
polled the group there would be answers like: doctor’s skills and training, verbal skills
of the dental team, clear communication to the patient of the need for care, or physical
pleasing appearance of the office uk teeth work.

All of these are valid points, but more than anything else, there are 4 central core
characteristics that drive successful beliefs and behaviors. Successful doctors are
‘successful’ because they picture themselves being ‘successful’ first, and worry about
the ‘how’ later.

To achieve, you must have:

1. Strong Goal Clarity. You must have clear, detailed, written goals of what you want
to happen for at least today, 30 days, 60 days, and 1 year from now. And in your heart,
you must believe these goals are achievable AND that you deserve to achieve it.

Starting today: Phrase all your goals in present tense. Instead of saying, “I want to
increase case acceptance by 20% in 60 days” say “I have increased case acceptance by 20%”.
Get your mind focused on the success from the beginning.

Another valuable tool to measure your achievement and be able to fine tune actions is the
proper use of meeting. Vern Harnish was at one of our event and he called this the
“Rhythm of Meetings”. Vern told to group you need daily (your morning huddle), weekly,
monthly, quarterly, and yearly meetings to always be clear what you need to be doing
as a team (and an individual) to meet your goals.

Disney is a company of 100,000 plus employees all over the world. How do you keep all
these people focused on the company’s goals? You let them know what they need to do to
make that happen.

Good communication from management down to the street sweepers makes it clear what the
goals are for this Fortune 500 empire.

2. High Achievement Drive- this a dormant power of potential lying deep within each
of us. And it usually stays dormant until something ignites that fire. For most, it
is simply the need to have those clear, concise, written goals. We need that reminder
several times a day. Goals are about passion and you must feel you are worthy of
that success!

I love it when fresh out dental school doctors join DPS. They are so excited to change
the world. I would assume from talking to so many doctors over the years, you have that
same vision deep in your soul but you might have forgotten about it. By creating your
clear goals and posting them where you are reminded what is important to you several times
a day, you too can create a passion driven business.

Dentistry is one of the greatest careers on Earth! You don’t fix teeth, you change people’s
lives and that is powerful!

3. Emotional Intelligence has gained more attention lately. The phrase refers to ability
to understand the emotions you’re feeling (and those of others) and their impact on your
behavior. Disney is good at this! They know to gauge their guests’ emotional level and
even control it.

Ever been in line at Disney? Not a fun thing especially if you have 4 tired, grumpy kids
who have been there all day. But Disney controls the experience and your emotions as you
wind along not realizing where that line goes. Plus they plant distractions along the way
to keep you involved with the experience until you reach your destinations.

Disney also schedules entertainers during busy times like singers and dancers that are
keyed to the theme of the area as another distraction during those peak times. It’s no
coincidence that parades happen right during rush time. Everyone loves a parade and they
take the stress out.

By recognizing and anticipating all the potential emotions a patient may be having when
they enter your office, you and your team will be better equipped to not only handle them,
but also turn those negative frustrations into positive encounters…just like the folks at

4. Excellent Social Skills And I’m not talking about being a silver tongue devil
either. When you really want to connect with people and understand you NEED TO LET
THEM TALK. The 80-20 rule is golden here. Let them do the majority of talking, you
listen actively, and be able to restate it back to them.

“Hello, Mrs. Jones. I’m Dr. Brown. It’s nice to meet you. How may I be of service to you?”

And then shut up.

Patient voluntarily walked through your door. They want something. It is your job to find
that out. Most of the time, they don’t really know themselves. But with good listen habits,
open ended questions, and a pleasant expression—everyone will love you and your case
acceptance will skyrocket.

Think about, Mickey Mouse doesn’t say a word when you meet him at the Parks but he can get
you to do whatever he wants… include spend a lot of money on a magical experience.