Barnett Jackal Crossbow

What’s in the Box?
A warranty card (5 years)
Instruction manual
The Barnett Jackal crossbow
Three (3) 20’ arrows with attachable field points
A detachable quiver
Quiver attachment platform
Red-dot sight
Bolts, hex keys, and screw for assembly

Affordable yet powerful enough to take down any game you have in sights, this crossbow has a military style stock that makes this crossbow comfortable and very easy to use, in fact, the package includes everything you need to go out for a hunt; this compound crossbow will take you at least 10 or 20 minutes to assemble it. (Don’t worry, the instruction manual is very detailed in explaining how to assemble the Barnett Jackal.)
Because of its lightweight construction, this crossbow is perfect for young teens and even adults.

The Power of the Barnett Jackal

Durable and sturdy, the Barnett Jackal Crossbow can take down almost any game, yes, that includes anything from rabbits to even deer, elks, and even bears (of course, you may want to check with your state laws before purchasing a crossbow for hunting.) The Barnett Jackal is also a perfect crossbow for target practice
As mentioned above, young teens can use the Barnett Jackal, although this may depend on the child’s strength but nonetheless, they can fire this Crossbow hunting unaided.
With a trigger pull of 3.5 lbs, the Barnett Jackal is a very accurate crossbow, and with the highest regard for safety, you surely won’t misfire with the Barnett Jackal.
You may want to purchase a rope cocking device for your Barnett Jackal since it isn’t included in the package, having once ensures that it will be easier for you to shoot arrows, since this crossbow includes a sling, you won’t have trouble carrying it with you.

Because of the Jackal’s well-balanced design: accuracy, power, and speed, you’re bound to be on your feet and hunting in no time, this crossbow ensures straight shots with it’s 3.5 trigger that will prevent you from misfiring and or jerky movements as you aim for your target.
And with speeds up to 315 feet per second and a draw weight of 150 lbs, the Barnett Jackal ensures that you can keep up with most of your targets.
You may also use a dampening system since some users of the Barnett Jackal have complained that this crossbow can be quite noisy, and while you can use arrows that are 16’’ to 18’’, it’s important that you stick to arrows that are 20’’ to avoid injuring yourself and others, and to prolong the life of your crossbow.

Don’t let the price of this crossbow dampen your spirits, the Barnett Jackal is an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate hunters, it’s compact size and lightweight which means you won’t have trouble moving around in the woods or field with this crossbow, it also delivers enough kinetic energy to take down any animal (yes, big game included) or penetrate your target.
The Barnett Jackal is as capable as any crossbows for hunting although it may be smaller for some.