The 3 Best Diets For Weight Loss You Probably Never Knew

Best Diets For Weight Loss

If you are reading this article, you are probably feeling the pain that comes with dieting, not in the diet itself, but in finding the right diet for you. 9 times out of 10 the most stressful part of any diet is actually choosing which one to do. There are so many different diets out there that it can be an absolute minefield!

Fear not, I want to share with you the 3 best diets for weight loss that will make your choice simpler.

Below we have compiled a list of the 3 best diets for weight loss, these diets have all been proven to work and are all healthy choices.

But I want to start with a tip, actually this is the biggest weight loss tip I know, just this…

“Stay there!”

There he is; no mysteries, no magic, no very complicated algorithms, no skill or mastery! Once you’ve chosen a diet method that works for you, and more importantly, you feel you can do it, then it’s just a case of sticking with it.

So let’s take a look at the 3 best diets for weight loss! (This is in no particular order as all are very achievable methods for weight loss).

Diet Number 1

Diet 3 Apples:

You may not have heard of this one, but let me tell you, it is very effective. Why is it so effective? Mainly because of the water content in apples and of course the 5 grams of fiber they contain. Any food you eat that is high in water and fiber is excellent and very effective for weight loss.

So How Does It Work?

There are actually only 2 rules you have to obey:

Rule 1: Before you eat any of your three main meals a day, you must eat 1 apple!

Yes, you can still eat three meals a day and still have all your favorite foods, as long as you keep eating that 1 apple, no more than 1! Obviously the healthier your food choices for your diet, the faster your weight loss will see results.

Rule 2: Stick to Rule 1!

Remember the saying “Three apples a day keeps you weight down” and you can’t go wrong. This doesn’t mean that you can go out and eat as many snacks as you want, better results come with better and healthier snack options. Combine this with your diet of 3 apples a day and you are good to go.

Diet Number 2

Cabbage soup diet:

This is one of the best diets for weight loss and has been around for years. There are many different versions but the most effective and simplest is this…

Whenever you are hungry, have a bowl of cabbage soup! This not only keeps you full but also allows you to stick to a low calorie diet. One important thing to remember while you are on the cabbage soup diet is not to indulge in fatty or oily foods as this will destroy your calorie intake, try to stick to dietary fiber, leafy vegetables and fruits.

Remember: this is a low-calorie diet and should remain so.

Diet Number 3

Detox Diets:

This diet method although relatively new, is becoming more popular due to the speed of weight loss. Results like losing 5-7 pounds over a two week period are quite common which is quite remarkable. But like many ‘Fun’ diets, as soon as you return to normal eating habits, the weight returns as quickly as it’s gone.

How does it work?

The Detox diet is simply a liquid diet, much like the popular ‘Lemonade diet’. It really limits your calorie intake. To allow your body to detoxify and get rid of all the harmful toxins in your body, you need to eat foods that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Vitamins can also play an important role in this type of diet, especially Vitamin C which has been shown to aid weight loss. They should also be low in fat and high in fiber. You will also find that because you eat these healthy foods, you will not gain weight because you are not starving yourself. When you starve your body for these essential nutrients, this is when toxins build up. So fasting is not a good thing to do.

There is also an added benefit to this type of diet as it will help cleanse your skin and reduce fat and cellulite. It also allows you to have a better night’s sleep and have more energy when you wake up. It significantly reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels and boosts your immune system.