Your family business accountants

With an established business it is important to maintain compliance with the tax office, monitor the performance of your business and also to determine the right strategy for you with

Whether you are looking to grow your business, find funding, keep it ticking along the way it is but reduce costs and improve cash flow, consolidate the business or start to plan your retirement, it is important to get advice to give you the most efficient solution now, and not find out with hindsight that you have saddled yourself with a huge tax bill, or don’t have enough cash to cover your costs.

Quarterly management returns
Timely data is crucial in keeping a business on track. The sooner you have the information to understand how your business has performed in the past, the sooner you can identify a problem and make a decision to resolve it in the future.
Don’t wait til year end to find out a customer account is making you a loss! Manage your business performance with our quarterly management reports and advice:
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports focused on the big ticket items
Analysis of trading results compared to last year, last quarter and budget
Understand past results and use them to predict future performance
Take immediate action to fix problems and improve results.
Pre June Review
Don’t be surprised at tax time! Take action while you can to plan ahead and optimise your annual results. We review your nine month results to March and extrapolate to estimate your full annual performance, estimating your tax liabilities accounting so that you have plenty of time to manage your cash. We’ll recommend tax strategies to minimise your tax, for example the timing of expenses or capital assets to take advantage of the ATO’s small business concessions. We’ll also advise you on making the appropriate contributions into your superannuation fund and other investments before 30 June.
Tax Efficient Business Structuring
The decision to operate your business as a sole trader, a partnership, trust or company, etc can have a huge impact on your tax bill and your disposable income, as well as your reporting obligations. We’ll review your existing structure and make recommendations on the right structure for your circumstances, to save you tax and administration time.

Selling Your Business
Time to sell up? We’ll help you prepare your business for sale to make sure you are in the best position to maximise the sale price. We’ll make sure all the systems and processes are in place for a smooth transition, and review the likely tax consequences for ways to minimise tax on your sale.
Cashflow and Forecasting
In today’s economic climate cashflow forecasting is vital to ensure your business has sufficient funds to pay employees, suppliers and make loan repayments. We’ll give you regular data on the performance and profitability of your business so that you can make timely decisions on where you focus your efforts and cash. All businesses go through cashflow peaks and troughs, but if a potential shortfall is identified early, we can implement strategies to manage it.
Finance Applications
Applying for a loan is a daunting prospect, and so much hangs on a good application. We help you to collate all of the information needed to support an application for funding and prepare it so that it has a fine chance of getting approved by your finance broker, investment banker or bank manager.
Succession Planning
If you’d like your family business accountants to stay in the family once you retire, or even if you are planning to sell to a third party, advanced planning is crucial to optimise your tax and superannuation position. Every situation is different so it is important to get thorough expert advice several years in advance to save you from unexpected liabilities.