Ingredients Used in Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Commercial dog food is very popular today. There are many dog ​​owners who rely on manufactured products available at grocery and pet care stores. On the other hand, there are some who prefer to make food for their dogs. This does not include feeding your dog leftover human food as well as raw food.

It’s about cooking or mixing certain recipes for your dog to keep him healthy. There are many recipes for dog food. If you want to make treats for your dog, here are the most common ingredients used in homemade dog food recipes.

Safe ingredients to use in homemade dog food recipes

Homemade dog food can contain meat and bones. It is highly recommended that meat and bones be consumed up to 10% of each dog’s diet. Meat by-products are a common ingredient used in homemade food recipes. They are permitted by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) with some statutory regulations. For example, animal parts that are unfit for human consumption such as cow brains can be used as pet food.

Plain yogurt is also one of the healthiest ingredients used in homemade recipes. This may be the only dairy product that is good and healthy for your dog. Others such as cheese, milk and butter should be avoided such as chocolate which may have theobromine, which when consumed in large amounts can cause death in dogs.

Wheat and seeds are commonly used to make biscuits and pastries. You can include flour, cracked wheat, and whole wheat flour when making dog biscuits and pastries. They are usually mixed with water, yeast, honey and eggs. However, these foods should not exceed 10% of your dog’s diet.

Fruits are one of the main ingredients used in this recipe. They are healthy and nutritious. However, caution in the amount to be administered is necessary. Incorporating fruit in moderation is healthy, but too much fruit can lead to loose stools.

Hazardous ingredients used in homemade dog food recipes

Fillers can also be included as ingredients used in homemade dog food recipes. However, fillers are not recommended especially if you want a natural diet for your dog. In fact, most dog owners who choose to cook food for their dogs do this to avoid fillers that may be present in commercial products.

Other harmful ingredients to avoid include the following: bacon or bacon, ham, tomatoes, dairy products, onions and pepper. Tomatoes should also be avoided as they are too acidic. The bacon, bacon and ham were dripping too fatty. Thus, they are not good for the health of any dog. AAFCO recommends adding more protein-rich foods while on a high-fat diet.

One of the main advantages of using homemade dog food recipes is that you know exactly what goes into your pet’s mouth. You can give him a 100% healthy diet based on the ingredients you will use. Some pet owners also choose to feed their dogs natural or organic foods. This can be made by selecting the ingredients used in a homemade dog food recipe.