How to choose the wine in the restaurant

You’re in a fancy restaurant and you feel very uncomfortable while watching a leather wine list on which are 20-40 different wines from around the world, with logically different prices. Here are some tips to overcome this situation, so you get the right wine from the wine racks.

First, remember that for this job there are trained sommeliers whose help you shouldn’t be ashamed of.

They will help you to choose the most suitable wine for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask him what wine is best sold, what wine to take with the appetizer and no less importantly ask about price/quality relationship?

Furthermore, a good wine list with the name of the wine gives the following information about: the wine producer, the country of origin, the year of harvest, describes the specific characteristics of the given wine and the ideal combination of food.

Then you have to choose between – white and red, dry or desert. The choice should be made based on the dishes you will order. If your company vote for red and white wine, try to make a compromise – a tendency towards heavy white as oak bouquet filled with Chardonnay or Red Pinot Noir or even light Merlot.

You can ignore all of this and order from each one. In this case, it should be remembered that a typical bottle of wine has a volume of 750ml. The wine should be enjoyed by at least three people.

Check out the variety from which the wine was made, the year of production and the producer. After this, a sommelier needs to open the wine and use a floating plug. Now what? You don’t have to smell it like a Hollywood lawyer – but still look at him and find out if his damage or cracking has occurred, then whether it is completely dry or there are some cracks on it.

After that, the sommelier would need to pour a smaller amount for tasting. Start looking at the color and clearness of the wine. Is it blurry or dark? Only very old wines should possess such exterior. Then put your nose in the glass and take a deep breath. Do you perhaps feel the smell of vinegar (a sign of oxidation) or moldy plug (a sign of improper or poor quality plug)?

Try the wine. Is it in good condition, free from the influence of oxidation and “taste of the plug”? If there is something of the aforementioned freely say to sommelier that he can keep this wine. This test should not last longer than 30 seconds.

Excellent wine will give you a whole new dimension to your dinner. Ordering wine should also be enjoyed as his tasting. Do not forget these recommendations when you come up with leather covered wine list the next time. Keeping and collecting information of this type will help you enjoy in “winning” wines. If you go in these frames to “remember” the wines you like, you will be more than capable of giving a sommelier enough information to suggest you a wine that will surely be of your taste.