Inflatable hot tubs spas

Admit it, you love going to spas to have your worries washed and massaged away, however, because of your hectic work schedule, you either don’t have enough time to make it to a spa after work, it’s too far away or getting there will cost you more than the spa’s services, and lastly, having a traditional hot tub is not very budget-friendly or that you don’t have or don’t know where to put your best hot tubs.
Well, worry no more! You can still have the spa experience and many more right in the comfort of your own home!
Here are our top picks for the best inflatable spas for your home:

Coleman Lay-Z Spa: A favorite among consumers because of its affordability, the Coleman Lay-Z definitely lives up to its promise! This 4-person hot tub hold 254 gallons of water and has a cushioned air pad that makes this hot tub perfect for a day of relaxing.

The Bestway Lay-Z Spa Paris Model (or the SaluSpa Paris): Affordable yet made of high-quality materials, the Paris model is perfect for a night of relaxing and catching up with your closest friends or even by yourself, it also has a padded bottom so it can protect your inflatable hot tub from twigs and other debris. This inflatable hot tub can hold up to 250 gallons of water and can accommodate 4-6 persons. It also has LED lights that can set the mood for a romantic evening with your partner.

Intex PureSpa: This hot tub can hold up to 210 gallons of water and let 4 persons in, this famous brand is perfect for anyone who loves a great spa experience as this inflatable hot tub comes with massage jets that will help you relax to the fullest. This inflatable hot tub also comes in 2 shapes and has a hard water feature that helps prevent limescale build up in your hot tub.

Intex PureSpa 6 Persons: Another inflatable hot tub from Intex is the Intex PureSpa 6 person hot tub, it can hold 290 gallons of water and even comes with a cover to keep your water warm, in case you’ll be waiting for your friends to arrive or you have to finish some baking. Take note that this hot tub will weigh at 2400 pounds alone! (Yes, water and people not included!)

MSpa B-130 Camaro: Relax and unwind with this sleek inflatable hot tub during your free time, now don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this hot tub as the MSpa B-130 does pack a punch as it has 110 massage jets that will make you feel relaxed and satisfied after a long day’s work. This is perfect for couples who want to spend some time together relaxing after working out or if they simply just want to unwind after a long day.

Intex Hot Tub and Pool Set: Who says you can’t enjoy a spa day with your family? This two-in-one inflatable hot tub and pool set is the answer to your prayers! A hybrid in the inflatable hot tub market, this hot tub and pool set is perfect for an exciting and fun weekend with your family. The hot tub has enough room for 4 adults while the pool set can have 6 persons in it although it may not be suitable for sitting in.
There you have it!
We hope our list helps you in getting the perfect hot tub for yourself or your family, and while they can indeed have a party in your inflatable hot tubs, the sitting capacity may depend on the height of the people who will be using your hot tub with you.